Five Simple Steps to Studying Music Successfully

I have always loved music, but I haven’t always loved studying it. In my adolescent years, I have had to teach myself to appreciate the process of achieving success in my music goals- such as sight reading efficiently. Life-time habits are formed during the process of learning a new skill. These habits will determine the end result. These five simple steps have helped me eliminate the frustration that comes with studying music- or any subject for that matter, and have improved my study habits and attention span. Hopefully, these five simple steps will also aid in your progress as a musician:



1.) Identify your objective: (e.g., “I will practice finger dexterity on both hands”).

2.) Determine the duration of your task: (e.g., “I will practice for 20 minutes”).

3.) Recognize your strengths and weaknesses: (e.g., “I am more accurate on my right hand and less accurate on my left hand”).

4.) Repeat and review the part of the lesson which is not your strong point.

5.) Complete any theory-based lesson that accompanies your hands-on training.

These five simple steps have successfully aided in guiding me to completing my music studies from start to finish. Eventually, I had acquired the  skills and confidence necessary for accomplishing my dreams: performing solos live on stage, playing in a multi-instrumental band,  and maintain a living by teaching others my skills.

I’d love to hear how these study tips work out for you! You may write me here, I always read every response!


Alan Popa